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Planning a safari to Kenya?

A thing or two you should know about Kenya

This will not be your usual travel guide, blog, or checklist. Nope! Instead, your questions have been put together in these booklet of information about Kenya, and some important practical tips that you will need on your wonderful safari to Kenya. Having worked as a travel consultant and a tour guide for many years, certain questions spring to mind, that I am often asked by travelers like you about the Kenyan safari It is such questions that I will answer as best as I can for you. I want you to feel totally prepared to plunge into and enjoy the Kenya safari experience that you have always dreamed of.

And if any of your questions are not answered, please come back here, and check it as we will continue to answer more and more questions, below. Alternatively, just inbox NTS at safaris@natural-track.com and NTS consultants will get back to you. OK! Let’s get straight to the point shall we? I have organized this write-up so that you can jump right to the sections you are most interested in. Setting off! It all starts with your own fantasy…a dream you have always had of a safari in Kenya, and now you want to make that dream come true. Start with some basic research on what safaris are available.

Talk to those who have trodden the safari path as they will have nuggets of wisdom that will serve you well when you embark on yours. Trawl through some Internet sites that provide unbiased and detailed reviews on affordable yet spectacular safari options in Kenya. Views will differ but you are the best judge of what gives you the greatest thrill and what you will be looking for in a safari. Sift through the stories you read and hear to determine what will provide a spectacular and enjoyable adventure in Kenya. What you need to do next, is choose the topic of your choice above and get the information you need. Now go on and click on the information tab you seek, and Share with us your feedback below in the comments.

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