Best Kenya safaris and packages

Kenya safaris: The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa. For he has so much to look forward to

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A view of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli. Amboseli safaris
Mt Kilimanjaro view from Amboseli

Talk of the best Kenya safaris in Africa. Very diverse cultures, a wide array of wildlife species, superb scenes and world-class beaches. And you are a step away. Choose your Kenya safari package below or Email us to tailor-make it for you.

Wildlife roaming freely in the savannas of Kenya
Zebras on a safari in Kenya

Here are some of the best Kenya safaris

13 Day Kenya Camping Safari

3 days Amboseli safari

10 Kenya Deaf Safaris

9 Days Lake Turkana, the Crandle of mankind

8 Day Kenya Holiday Safari

6 Days Rhino Safari

4 days Kenya safari tours

3 Days Masai Mara safari

1 day Nairobi National Park tour

7 Days Budget Camping safari

10 Day Kenya wildlife Safari

5 Day Mount Kenya: Sirimon-Chogoria Route

Kenya safaris: The perfect way to end your safari in Kenya is to sit for a few moments and watch the sun go down.
Sundowner, Masai Mara safari


Kenya is a relatively warm country. Most importantly, decide on your purpose of travel. Then choose your dressing in a way that you will be comfortable.

For safari, light clothing is recommended.
For example, during the day a light shirt/blouse/t-shirt is just perfect.
You can wear this with a pair of shorts or a skirt.

Please maintain a modest length. Too short clothing is not recommended. This may have you being frowned upon by the locals who do not find this acceptable. You can find some helpful details here….>>Click


The origin of Kenya safari dates back to the days of slavery, in the 18th Century. Positive change came and replaced the slave trade with lovers of nature. Unfortunately this too had a negative side, whereby hunting expeditions would be organized, creating a convoy of trucks and carts. The distances to be covered were long. As a result, a lot of supplies were needed.

These supplies were for food, camping gear and ammunition.  This became the origin of modern day Kenya safaris. Whats more, naturalists won the day, by coming in and campaigning against hunting in Kenya. In addition, hunting stopped and replaced by adventure travel.

As a result, these expeditions have developed so much over the years. They have excluded the original hunting convoys. They have been replaced with jeep convoys of modern day Kenya safaris. The term safari stems from Arabic, safar, which refers to “to make a journey”. This is the current-day meaning of the Kiswahili word for Safari, meaning to travel.

It is an adventure of a life time, which everyone should have an opportunity to experience. >> Read more

Kenya safari Packages: BEST SAFARI TIMES IN KENYA

This is one question that pops up all the times. However, there is no simple or single answer.

The months of July and October are when the famous Wildebeest Migration takes place. Thousands of tourists from all over the world scramble to come and witness this>> Read More


Relaxing by the beach after a long haul Kenya safari
Relaxing by the beach, Kenya beach safari

Kenya is mostly famous for the great wildlife Kenya safari adventures. From Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, you name it. But along the Indian ocean coast line, there lies some of the world’s best beaches.  

Kenya has both the savannas, forests, semi-arid habitats and the powder-soft sandy beaches of the Kenyan coast. Here are their locations>> Read More

Kenya Parks, Reserves and other features

Mt Elgon Amboseli Nat park Meru National Park
Ol Dongo Sabuk Tsavo West Lake Turkana
Mount Kenya Samburu/Bufallo Shaba Reserve
Tana River Ol Pejeta Conservancy Aberdare Nat Park
Kisite Marine Lake Bogoria Sibiloi National
Tsavo East Malindi National Park Nairobi National Park
Lake Baringo Lake Nakuru Marsabit Nat Park
Nairobi City Shimba hills Watamu Marine
Masai Mara Arabuko Sokoke Taita Hills
Rift Valley Kiunga Marine Mombasa Marine
Kakamega Forest Lake Naivasha Lake Victoria
Mount Longonot
Kenya National Parks and Reserves

25 myths about animals, travel and safari in Kenya

That Africa is hot: While there are some places that are hotter like Ethiopia, Botswana and others, it will be therefore wrong to generalize Africa as a hot continent.

The equator divides Africa into two and cuts across Kenya, Uganda, Congo and other countries. All the countries touched have equatorial climate that have almost similar temperature ranges all year round. These temperatures are very comfortable and far from the purported hot. This is should not stop anyone from enjoying a safari in Kenya.

Visiting one park, you have seen them all: The wildlife habitats and sanctuaries in Kenya are not the same. In addition, each ecological system is totally different from each other. For example, Masai mara in Kenya is totally different from Samburu national reserve.

The animals are totally different species too. While in other parks you would see the masai giraffe, in Samburu you meet the beautiful reticulated giraffe. whats more, this is a totally different species that cannot interbreed with the Masai giraffe. Their habitats are also different and very interesting. …Click here to continue…