Whiteman’s Stomach–Mzungu belly

Whitemans Stomach

Though we call it Mzungu (White Man) belly,
it is not an experience that is limited to travelers alone.

It is worth a mention, because it happens to many travelers.
Others mainly refer to it as the traveler’s diarrhea “TD”.
It is a ‘condition’ that you get just by eating food that your belly is not used to.

While it is not a disease, the discomfort of quick bowels,
vomiting, and nausea, is not anybody’s cup of tea.

This is another reason why you need to have a visit to
your doctor before you travel, so that you can be armed with medication to
help ease this discomfort that you will most probably experience while on your Safari.

Often it does not mean that you ate food that was poorly made, or not clean.

It simply means you ate something that your stomach is not used to.
So, be careful what you eat, and where you eat.

When it happens, just know you are not the first one to experience
this Mzungu Belly and relax.

Take the relevant medication you carried with you from your doctor,
or buy some from a reputable local chemist,
and drink lots of mineral water.
Refer back to the section on foods.