What And How to Pack

What And How to Pack
What And How to Pack

Kenya is generally warm in terms of weather, but select clothes that
will make you most comfortable in the current weather and you can
find details online about this before you travel to Kenya.

Depending on your purpose of travel, choose your dressing accordingly.

What And How to Pack

For safari in Kenya, light clothing is recommended.
During the day, a light shirt/blouse/t-shirt is just perfect.
You can wear this with a pair of shorts or a skirt.

However, maintain a modest length of the shorts/skirts as ones that are
too short may have you frowned upon by the locals
who do not find this acceptable. It is safer and
more enjoyable if you observe a respectable dress code during your safari.

Early mornings can be chilly in Kenya depending on where you are.
Areas around Nairobi, Mt Kenya, and Western Kenya can be cool,
both morning and evening. However, the cold
cannot be compared to the winters of the Western countries.
You will only need a light cardigan or jacket
that you can remove as the morning heats up towards mid-day.

You will find open sandals quite comfortable and airy for long
drives in the safari vans and trucks.
Purpose to dress comfortably, not fashion show.

You can carry a brim hat or regular cap as the equatorial sun can be quite penetrating.
You want to keep hydrated and steer clear of sun burn to truly
enjoy your safari.

Carry a couple of comfortable walking and
sports shoes and always confirm in advance
what the weather in Kenya will be like.

Global warming and climate change has affected most countries in the world
today, Kenya included. So, the weather may
change drastically and it is best if you are ready for any
eventuality when packing your clothing for your safari.

Carry some good sunglasses, a good quality sun-screen lotion,
as well as an effective insect repellant.

Many hotels and camps for tourists have nice swimming pools,
so throw in your swimming costume and enjoy a dip in the pool during those sunny spells.

Throw in a few other things you enjoy to have in any safari.
The most important thing is to be ready to enjoy it.

Squeeze all the things on your Kenya safari list into a soft suitcase;
one that you will find easy to squeeze into cramped spaces without difficulty.
Soft bags are also easier to load.
However, if you will be carrying heavy photographic equipment,
you can always get the best casing for them.

Point is…travel light.