Weather, Season And Temperatures

Weather Season And Temperatures
Weather, Season And Temperatures

True…Weather, Season And Temperature patterns have changed so much that it has become
difficult to predict what the weather or temperature will be like over the next few months.
What we can do is to look back a bit and see
how the pattern has continued to shape, and then maybe, just maybe,
conjure up future weather patterns in our minds.
So looking back at the Kenya weather, January to March is considered a relatively dry period.

How Weather Season And Temperature affect Kenyans

Kenyans often till the land and prepare agricultural
seeds for planting season as they wait
for the long rains to start in April.
Come April to May, the skies open and it rains ‘cats and dogs’ as they say for heavy rainfall.
For about 2-3 hours daily, and mostly in the afternoons,
it rains heavily all over the country.

From June to September, the parks are usually very green as a result of this earlier
heavy rain, andit is a good time to visit Kenya.

October-December is also a great time to visit, but it is drier with only some light showers.

Due to Global Warming, the weather patterns have changed worldwide and
Kenya is no exception.
The rain falls earlier or later than expected, and even the famous Wildebeest Migration
pattern has changed.

Do not be surprised to see the Gnu enter Kenya earlier and stay in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve.