Water sources in Kenya

You can be able to buy water for drinking from any shop or supermarket during your Kenya safari. The hotel you stay in will often
place a bottle or two in your room daily for you to use.

Some households however do not have tap water and may rely on bore-hole water,
or even river water.
It is safer for you to buy bottled water and avoid drinking tap water.

Take care with water

You can only have tap water if you are able to boil it thoroughly first then cool it down for drinking.

When you buy bottled water, ensure the seal is not already broken
and ask around for the popular brands that people trust.

You can use tap water only for your small clothing and cutlery, for showering.

Sometimes it is wiser to brush your teeth with bottled water
in case there are organisms in the tap water that are peculiar to Kenya.
This way, you can avoid falling sick from the water you use during your Safari.