Visa And E-Visa

Visa And E-Visa
Visa And E-Visa

Government reforms in Kenya have now made it much easier for you to get your travel visa to Kenya.
Depending on which country you are coming from, there are several options for you.
Based on bilateral agreements between countries, you may not have to struggle to get your visa in advance,
but may be able to get it on arrival at the Kenya airport.

However, some countries still require that you apply for a visa at your nearest Kenyan Embassy
before you travel to Kenya.

Depending on where you are travelling from, you may require a number
of additional things: Get a letter of your travel booking from your
agent and then use this letter to apply for your visa
at a Kenyan Embassy closest to you.

Visa And E-Visa

You can get details on how to get a travel visa for your Kenya safaris from your nearest Kenyan Embassy
or contact a travel agent in Kenya.

Additionally, an online visa application platform has been created to
replace the previous visa application system.
You can follow this link for more details on this: