Ugali And Sukuma wiki

Ugali And Sukuma wiki
Ugali And Sukuma wiki

This is one of Kenya’s staple foods and almost every cultural
group enjoys it almost on a daily basis.

Ugali is made of maize/corn that has been harvested from the
fields and dried first, then ground to flour.
This maize flour is cheap and affordable for most households.

It can be bought as weighed flour from local flour mills scattered in many parts of any locality,
or already packed from any supermarket or shop shelf.

To cook it, you just boil water, add the flour and stir till it hardens like a cake.
It is ready to be served thereafter. Sukuma wiki on the other hand,
simply refers to the vegetables called kales.
They are popular and cheap, green leafy vegetables.

Ugali And Sukuma wiki

Sukuma wiki in Kiswahili actually means ‘push the week’.
These vegetables have this name because they help households reach the end of

the week on a very low budget, hence their popularity especially
in poor households.
The sukuma wiki is fried in onions, tomatoes, and add whatever spice you feel like.

And with that, your meal is ready to be served.
It is an easy to make, tasty, and filling meal.

Different communities in Kenya have their ugali with different side dishes
depending on what is popular or enjoyed in their area,
for example, fish or meat.
However, the popular mix in most households is ugali and sukuma wiki.

So, do not be surprised when you ask a Kenyan what their favorite
meal is and they say ugali and sukuma wiki.