Trekking In Kenya

Trekking In Kenya
Trekking In Kenya

There are many beautiful places that you can add trekking in Kenya to your Safari itinerary, including trekking routes.

In almost all the regions in Kenya, there are nice places that
you can trek, to stretch your limbs, and breath fresh air,
especially since long-distance drives between towns and villages tires the body,
and a trek is most refreshing after such drives.

It is safer and more enjoyable to go on such treks with a companion.
Hotel often have treks planned into their tourist activities.
You can register at the reception of the hotel for such a trek
and walk to the local villages around.

Trekking In Kenya gives you a stretching opportunity

Ask your travel agent about such arrangements as you can even
book beforehand to spice up your travel.
Treks are one of the fun experiences in Kenya.

Treks are not allowed within national parks as it can be dangerous.
Remember, this is where wild animals reside.
However, treks can be organized at camps near the parks
and there is often a local Masai guide to accompany you on them.

Long treks of 1-4 hours are quite healthy and enjoyable in good weather.
Armed rangers often accompany Safari goers
on such long walks depending on where the
walk will take you.

Remember, within private Kenya safari conservancies,
your hotels and campsite can organize
these treks for you.

Also ask you travel agent about them so that they can be included in your itinerary.