Traveling Cheap In Kenya

Traveling cheap in Kenya
Traveling cheap in Kenya

Kenya is not a cheap country to travel to although cheap is a relative term.
However, there are certain tips you can follow,
before or during your Safari, to save money, and use it more productively.

Here are a few tips that you can follow to Traveling cheap in Kenya:

• Do a lot of research on where you want to travel.

• Do not go on a shopping spree for travel stuff compulsively.
Buy only what you will need and use.

• Explore different levels of accommodation, including camping.

• Join an existing budget safari.

• You can join a volunteer group, whose purpose is to
give to the community and enjoy your stay then for much less.

• If you are a student, use your student card to get concessional rates.

• Bring your own camping gear, (tents, mattress etc) .

• Hitch-hike or use public means to different locations.

• Go local on food instead of eating in expensive
hotels as long as you take precaution to eat in clean establishment,
and drink bottled water only.

• If you are going camping, you can cook once and eat twice.
You can save on cooking time and cash that way.

• You can buy dry foods in enough amounts.

• Use guest houses and hostels instead of hotels as these are often cheaper.