Shopping in Kenya

shopping in Kenya
Shopping mall

For a first-time Safari-goer, you will feel like you want to take the whole country,
fit it into your luggage, and carry it home with you.

You might be overwhelmed by all the colorful, attractive,
bits and pieces that you could carry home as a souvenir.
Whether you plan to just shop in the malls, create time in advance for it.
For the curio stuff, just ask your driver to guide you on where to get
memorable souvenirs and they will stop at different
places along the Safari route.

On most of your trips, you will stop along the way for coffee when you desire,
the use of the rest-room, stretching
your legs and back a bit, eating, and also shopping.

Shopping in Kenya

The best places to buy coffee, tea, and snacks will be in established
supermarkets and shops in the big towns, and these will often have a fixed price.
However, remember that in the curio shops in the Kenya safari circuits
is where you will buy your souvenirs, the price is not fixed.

You can haggle, bargain, argue, or whatever you want to call it,
till you get a reduction on the initial price you were given.
This is common, and even expected, practice in Kenya.
The shopping malls do not have this option, as their prices are fixed as well.

Bargaining may seem strange to you at first, but that is
what the Kenyan canvas is made of and you will discover its
different shades and colours during your Safari.