How to save your pennies by camping in Kenya

Saving money by Camping safaris in Kenya

Camping in Kenya
Enjoying camping fire, Kenya camping safaris

Over the years, accommodation facilities have increased in great length. Even so in terms of both pricing and quality. In addition, the location of these facilities and the amount of people do matter. What’s more, if you want to keep travel cost low, camping is your best option.

  Here are 14 reasons why camping safaris remain the most adventurous.

  1. Without a doubt, camping safari offers you the most flexible itinerary. You don’t have to follow strict pre-arranged schedules, lodges booked months in advance if not weeks, specified meal times and such services. Camping safaris go uncompromised as far as changing your itinerary is concerned.
  1. How about camping part of the time and lodge safari part of the time? You can use Camping safaris to spice up your holiday some more. And what’s more, that will also save you a few coins. This mix adds much more fun to your Kenya safari adventures.
  1. There is little impact on nature. Mainly because it does not require much permanent structures which can cause irreversible or long lasting impoverishment on natural reserves and parks. The extent here varies, but it is much lower compared to hotels or lodge structures.
  1. It is an experience that gives a real feeling of adventure that not only brings you closest to the wilds, but also gives you the opportunity to learn a few words in some local languages make mistakes in pronunciation and laugh together with the camp team. Visit amazing traditionally architect African villages and sample the authentic unsurpassed artifacts of African people.
  1. On several occasions and upon requests to the cook, you get to taste great African cuisines. Some you may like and some you might not, but most importantly, the feeling of exploring Africa is really great.
  1. In addition, friends, families or work mates who love outdoor evenings of fun, simple games, or those silly things we enjoy as friends or family, these camping trips are worth a try.
  1. Camping safari is one of the few styles that will leave you appreciative of the value for your money. And apart from camping in the parks/reserves, Kenya coastal areas have nice beaches to camp too. But checking best locations in advance is always recommended to get more details.
  1. The best part I like most is preparing freshly cut vegetables. In addition, you can throw potatoes and onions into the fire and roast them the traditional African way.
  1. Time to try the local dishes. Since meals will be prepared specifically for you, you can always try special local cuisine. You don’t have to like everything, but unless you try, you wont know.
  1. The camping evenings become very complete with a cold Kenyan beer by the fire. In the traditional African society, this was usually a time to share stories, to receive education from the seniors. It is such a great time for sharing.
  1. Campsites charge a minimal fee for keeping the ground. But compared to what lodges charge, it is very little and at the end of the day, you end up saving big, while having unprecedented freedom.
  1. One other advantage with camping is that what you don’t have you can borrow from a friend or close relative. This way too, you cut on your travel expense. Off course if you are a regular camper, investing in your own equipment is a huge comfort because you can buy quality that you want.
  1. Travel equipment shops hold annual sales. At the time of planning for your Kenya safari, take time to check what is on deal sale and grab your choice. This is a good opportunity to get your bargain equipment. You can also buy it second-hand from online sellers/suppliers.
  1. It is important to note that in Kenya we do not have RV trucks. What we do is camping in open grounds and bandas. Fortunately we don’t have the extreme weather changes. However, a good sleeping bag is recommended. Saving money by Camping safaris in Kenya is a great way to enjoy the beauty of Kenya