Religions In Kenya

Religions in Kenya
Religions in Kenya

In addition to culture, one’s religious belief in Kenya is an important facet of life.
Kenya is predominantly a Christian country, and over 78% of the population is Christian.
Among these, about 35% of Kenyans are protestant, and 25% Catholic.
There are however numerous religious denominations.

Days of Religions in Kenya

Sunday is therefore a colourful day in Kenya when Christians dress nicely to go to church,
sing, dance then go back home. It is a time of rest and enjoyment and
Sunday afternoons allow families to hook up with
friends they find hard to meet during the work week.

Islam is the second largest religion practiced in Kenya after Christianity.
About 11% of the population is Muslim in Kenya, with most found in the city of Mombasa.
Muslims worship collectively on Friday, when you will see a sea of white,
long robes, around major mosques.

Other religions in Kenya include: Buddhism, Bahaism and Hinduism.