Park Rules And Regulations

Park Rules And Regulations
Respect wildlife, do not feed or leave garbage

You will probably see an elephant or lion for the first time in your life when you come for
your Safari.

Although this is a very exciting prospect, you cannot afford to jump up and down,
and scream out loud in jubilation when you are in the national parks of Kenya,
as this will startle the animals and probably put you in danger.

Basic Park Rules And Regulations

Practice much-needed self-control and respect the Kenya wildlife
as much as you would like them to respect you.

Try and keep the following park rules and regulations in mind:
• Do not shout out loud on your Safari, no matter how exciting it is.

• Do not make sudden movements or jump when you sight an animal.

• Do not sit or stand on the roofs of vehicles, even if you see others doing it.

• Smoking is prohibited for obvious reasons.

• Have your park entrance tickets close-by for random inspection units.

• Do not drive off the designated park routes into the park,
and tell your driver to desist from doing so.

• Stay within the stipulated game drive hours: 6.30am to 18.00pm latest.

• Do not throw things like stones to wake animals that are sleeping lying down,
and report Safari goers who do.

• Stay in your vehicle except at points where your guide tells you it is ok to dismount.

• Keep a distance of at least 20 meters from the animals.

• Do not make noise, or whistle at animals to attract their attention.

• Do not let animals climb onto your vehicle and move away from those
that get too close to your vehicle.

• Seek permission from locals before you take their photos.
Let animals have right of way on the roads as the park is primarily their territory.

• Do not speed while inside the parks as the maximum speed limit is 40kmh.

• Do not litter the park. Keep your garbage in a paper inside
your vehicle until you return to the campsite or hotel,
where you can put it in a garbage bin.
There are often garbage bins at the park entrances.

• Leave the park as you found them by observing the Park Rules And Regulations.
This means you leave the animals and the landscape just as you found it, so that the next Kenya Safari goer can also enjoy the fauna and flora.

Some Kenya safari packages you can enjoy and respect Kenya safari parks

Kenya has an endless array of activities on offer. The mention of Kenya brings to mind the famous Kenya that is renowned over the years for both the marathoners and as a safari destination. Kenya safaris are famous worldwide, and more so, as the main safari point. It is here in Kenya that safaris started in the early 17th century. Mainly this was now infamous hunting safaris, that have evolved to the today’s wildlife safaris. Fortunately, hunting is no longer practiced in Kenya. 

Its roots come from the Arabic word, safar, which means to make a journey. Indeed, to do a safari is to make a journey. A journey into the Kenya wildlife safari parks, Kenya culture, Kenya beaches among the many other faces of Kenya.

The safaris can start from any location you are in. A safari vehicle will be dispatched to pick you from you home or your hotel in any location.

Kenya safaris from Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya. It is here that the main airport is located, so its no wonder that most safari packages start here. The safari can move in any direction depending on one’s desires. Your can customize your safari in conjunction with our tour consultants will will walk with you through till you have the safari of your dream.

Kenya beach safaris

Kenya is a host to some of the best beaches in Africa. Your safari can end at the Kenya beaches or it can start from the beach. Alternatively, you have just choose to stay at the beach as your holiday time. Kenya has much to offer and you can craft your package to enjoy a bush and beach package.

Safari in Kenya as a complete whole package

What this means is that you can just let the tour consultant to arrange your safari package within the dates you have provided. This way your safari in Kenya will tour several aspects, from wildlife, culture, food and finally ending at the Kenyan beach or even Zanzibar beach.

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