Park Fees

Park fees
Elephants in samburu reserve

In all the national parks and reserves that you will visit,
you will pay an entry fee at the gate.
It is important to note that park fees are quite pricey,
however it is enjoyable to visit the parks, and this fee is raised for their upkeep.

More about park fees..

If traveling using a travel agent, most times payment for entry into parks and reserves
is included in what you paid for the whole package.
Confirm if this is the case for your package so as to avoid
surprise expenses when you want to visit these places.

You have the option of either paying through your travel agent, or
paying once you get to the entrance of parks and reserves.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) park fees differ from park to
park, depending on how that particular park is classified,
with the highest priced being lake Nakuru and Amboseli
at US$ 80 per person, for a 24 hour visit.

Do not overstay in the park. Other reserves including Masai Mara Game
Reserve and Samburu national reserve charge
US$ 70-80 per head per night.
You can pay this entrance fee via credit
card. (Refer to the notes on Credit Cards) .