Park And Distances

Park And Distances
Park And Distances

Kenya is an expansive country, so be ready to travel long
distances between national parks and other interesting tourist resorts.
For example from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara Game Reserve, it is 300km
of tarmac and rough road.

This is roughly the same distance you will need to cover between
Nairobi and Samburu Game Researve, or Nairobi and the Amboseli National Park.
If your Safari was adventurous enough to cover visits to parks,
then fasten your safety belt and be patient
as the accepted speed limit for tour vans is 80 km per hour.

Park And Distances

Stop often to breath, stretch and enjoy the scenery around you.
Leave early, pack a picnic bag with various snacks and plenty of
water, dress comfortably for the weather, and even plug in
some soothing music when you need to take a
nap on the way.

Make up your mind to enjoy the long Kenya safari drives even before you begin.
Wildlife species and populations differ according to the park
you are visiting so the more parks you visit,
the more varied the species of animals you will be able to see.

This can spice up your Safari quite a bit. Sceneries also differ
depending on which side of the equator you are on,
and Kenya is sliced smack in the middle by the equator.

You will therefore have a taste of two hemispheres as you cross form
park to park, and will see a spectrum of arid to semi-arid and even
coastal landscapes from Marsabit, to Samburu, to the
Tsavo National Park, and even on to the Kenyan Coast.

The important thing is to enjoy yourself to the maximum, and get your value for money.