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On Safari:


Visa | E-Visa

Government reforms in Kenya have now made it much easier for you to get your travel visa to Kenya. Depending on which country you are coming from,

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While on safari in Kenya
on safari


While on safari, the question arises: Is Kenya a safe place to visit? The answer is a BIG YES. Kenya has been in the media for all the wrong reasons, and negative travel advisories


Park fees

In all the national parks and reserves that you will visit, you will pay an entry fee at the gate. It is important to note that park fees


What and how to pack

Kenya is generally warm in terms of weather, but select clothes that will make you most comfortable in the current weather and


Money Matters

The Kenyan currency is the shilling and exchange rates with the dollar, pound and Euro fluctuate so keep checking on this as you travel.


A Penny Saved is a Penny Gained on Your Safari

Determine before you travel how much you really want to spend while you are on safari in Kenya. Keep an eye out for special offers



Insects are always with you, whether or not you like or see them. Your Safari will introduce you to insects that may


Parks and Distances

Kenya is an expansive country, so be ready to travel long distances between national parks and other interesting tourist resorts. For example


Domestic flights

Kenya has a selection of small aircraft companies that offer domestic flights between towns, national parks, reserves, and tourist resorts.


Types Of Accommodations

There exist different types of accommodation in Kenya, for example, in Nairobi you can find 1to 5 star hotels, as well as guest houses,


Types of Safaris

You also have a number of choices on the type of Safari you can go on including a luxurious trip and a budget one. It all depends on


Best safaris times

This is one question that pops up all the times, and the answer is very simple: it depends on when you can afford to travel.


Tipe/ Gratitudes

In most establishments you visit during your Safari the person serving you will expect a small tip, although it is not a must to give it.


Hitch Hiking

It is possible to hitchhike in Kenya, but always use your common sense. Pay attention to hitch-hike in and to safe areas, and


Travel Agencies

There are many different travel agents and tour operators in Kenya. The list is endless including big to small ones, and old ones to new ones.

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Trekking in Kenya

There are many beautiful places that you can add to your Safari itinerary, including trekking routes. In almost all the regions in Kenya,


Kenya Beaches

There so many an nice beaches in Kenya. Here are some of them that you can go to and have a great time after your safari.

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Park Rules and Regulations

You will probably see an elephant or lion for the first time in your life when you come for your Safari. Although this is a very


Traveling cheap in Kenya

Kenya is not a cheap country to travel to although cheap is a relative term. However, there are certain tips you can follow, before or during