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Money Matters


The Kenyan currency is the shilling and exchange rates
with the dollar, pound and Euro
fluctuate so keep checking on this as you travel.

There are numerous banks and forex bureaus countrywide
where you can exchange your currency for Kenya shillings.
It is safer to travel with your ATM card than to carry around loads of cash.

A money pouch under your shirt is a safe way to go if you are carrying some cash.

In most hotels in Kenyan cities you can pay via credit card for your purchases.
It is only in the countryside and other remote areas that you
might need some cash, and sometimes you might be able to access this cash directly from
an ATM of an established bank only when you require it.

You need to note that in some places you will be charged
an extra 5% surcharge for processing your credit card,
o always make sure you ask beforehand, if you plan to pay via credit card.