2 Day trip to Lake Nakuru National park

Pelicans, Lake Nakuru National park
Pelicans on the shores of lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National park was established in 1960 as a bird sanctuary. The park is located in Nakuru town, and is surrounded by the local farm lands. It was gazetted to protect the wildlife located in this area. Initially it was classified as a bird sanctuary, but in 1968 it was upgraded to a full National park.

The has become famous over the years as a santuary for the rhinos, giving them a protected home range for their reproduction. The flamingos have a been a huge interest to both international and domestic visitors who flock to this park.

Here is your brief itinerary to Lake Nakuru National park.

Day 1: Nairobi – Lake Nakuru National park

Leave Nairobi after breakfast and proceed to Nakuru with a stop at the view rift valley view point. Proceed to Lake Nakuru National Park for an afternoon game drive after lunch in your hotel. Here you have a chance to look for the animals that share this park including buffaloes, leopards among bird species.

Day 2: Lake Nakuru National park – Nairobi

An early start, whereby you will wake up for your morning drive around the lake. Return to camp after breakfast. Soon after depart for your return trip to Nairobi. Alternatively, have an early breakfast and check out of the lodge. Proceed with game drives around the lake and towards midday, your exit the park and head to Nairobi. End of your overnight safari excursion.

The short drive from Nairobi and the surrounding makes Lake Nakuru national park very entertaining especially for weekend family outing. Picnics can be enjoyed at the designated spots, and please adhere to the park guidelines and rules.

The park covers an area of 188 square kilometers. This area is a home to four of the big five, namely the rhino, the leopard, the lions and the buffalo.

Lots of other wildlife share this park including giraffes and leopards. Most important, it is frequented by school children from the neighboring regions. This is a great achievement because these children are the guardians of the environment in years to come.

There are several high end hotels within the park, offer international class accommodations and meals. You can camp in the designated camping sites inside the park. Kenya wildlife clubs also have camping ground and facilities that are available for use to visitors.

The fact that Lake Nakuru National park is located at the outskirts of Nakuru town, the town hotels are easily accessible. The can be used as alternative accommodation especially in the peak season where hotels inside the park get filled up.

The park has several view points. The most famous is the baboon cliff. Here you can have a break and stretch outside of your car. It is a good spot also to have your picnic meals. But be careful from the baboons and vervet monkeys, you may find your food has disappeared like lighting. Remember is wrong to feed the wildlife, and so allowing them to get access to your food is equally negligent.

From the baboon cliff too, you can be able to view the beautiful scene below you. You can actually be able to see some animals below you in the lake. The whole lake is actually in view from the view point. At the same time, the rocks around the cliff are a home to the rock hyraxes and you can see them hoping or sunbathing on the rocks.

The park can be visited all year round as the roads are relatively good. But expect more travelers in the weekend compared to week days, for the obvious reason that people would be working.