Internet And Phones


Every body now wants and enjoys Internet connectivity every day.

As someone said ‘it is the disease with no vaccination’, in an IT-savvy generation,
and the good thing is that many hotels including budget ones will have Wi-Fi access.

So, if you must have Internet connectivity, confirm with your travel consultant to include in your arrangements for accommodation or travel  in advance to avoid disappointment.

Internet and phones speeds

The speed might be slower than what you are used to in your country, but be patient with it.
If you have a smart phone and almost everyone has one these days,
your local mobile phone provider to connect to the Internet.

Find out how much it costs to use the Internet, and note that you will
be able to locally purchase Internet bundles for browsing if the need arises.

Mobile phone connectivity is relatively good in Kenya nowadays so you should not
have any problem communicating with friends, family and clients online.
Internet access may be better in some areas than
others depending on your location, and proximity to boosters in the area.