Insects in Kenya

Insects are always with you, whether or not you like or see them.
Your Safari will introduce you to insects that may
seem strange compared to those in your country.

For example, you might see some grasshoppers, butterflies, moths,
cockroaches, crickets, termites, beetles, and others.
Insects can have bites and stings that hurt a little or a lot.
Some may cause a lot of harm.

It helps if you spray your room before you sleep, and only kill
them if you must, as most are harmless little creatures.

For example, lizards are often harmless, and geckos
(the see-through lizard on most walls in Africa),
actually help kill those irritating mosquitoes for you.

Not just insects…

Shoot them with a camera lens instead of a gun or insect repellent spray.
That way, you might remember them with a
nostalgic smile when you return home.

When in doubt of how dangerous an insect is, ask a local
person who has lived in the area for long, as the insect might be totally harmless.

Whatever happens, stay calm at all times.
Slip out of your room rather than fight a strange insect.
You never know, once you return, it might be gone.

This is a useful strategy especially when you are dealing snakes.

If you see one, keep your distance and get help from someone who knows better.