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Health & Food

Health And Foods:



Malaria Getting ill with Malaria should be one your biggest concerns. This is because the disease comes with teeth-chattering chills and


Fruits and Vegetables

Being on the equator enables Kenyans to enjoy lovely weather, that is also very good for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables.



You can be able to buy water for drinking from any shop or supermarket in Kenya, and the hotel you stay in will often place a bottle


Ugali and Sukuma Wiki

This is one of Kenya’s staple foods and almost every cultural group enjoys it almost on a daily basis. Ugali is made of maize/corn


Whiteman’s Stomach –Muzungu belly

Though we call it Mzungu (White Man) belly, it is not an experience that is limited to travelers alone. It is worth a mention,


Washrooms | Toilet

If you plan to travel to the smaller towns and rural villages while on your Safari, note that in rural areas the rest-rooms are often