Governance And Local Government

Governance And Local Government
Governance And Local Government

The new Kenya Constitution, 2010, changed Kenya’s governance
processes and created new governance structures and institutions,
including posts for governor, senator, and ward representatives in addition to the
position of Member of Parliament.

Further in the Governance And Local Government

Governors now wield a great deal of power and have their own county staff,
from Deputy Governor, County Assembly and women representatives in parliament.

The president is the CEO of the country but the new constitution has reduced
the power of The Executive and shifted some of this power to the National assembly.

This keeps the Presidency in check and enables the August House to draft laws
and amend those that already exist as per the country’s needs.
The Executive is however still represented at the county level through
the county commissioners, chiefs and sub-chiefs.

Briefly, that is the order of Kenya’s administration hierarchy, including governance in the wildlife resources.