Giving Back To The Community

Giving Back To The Community
Giving Back To The Community

Meet and Make new friends: in your travels, will you meet new people every day. This is part of Giving Back To The Community

Being in good relations with them will make you feel appreciated.

At the same time they will feel that you are one with them, and
that you respect them. Here are some ideas that can adopt to give back to the Kenya communities

• Hold a Contest: You can do this either in the local schools or villages,
and then give gifts to exemplary students and
villagers who win the contests.
It does not need to be an elaborate and expensive contest for it to be fun.

• Sponsor an Event: Kids love to play as I am sure you did when you were small.
You can help organize a football game, running
or dancing event, and so on and make
life fund for the local people you meet.

• Adopt an animal, a school, etc.
Whatever you choose, pick a particular need, and offer to give
a financial donation of some amount you are comfortable with,
to the community of your choice, on a regular basis.
For example, you can give an annual, monthly or bi-monthly donation
for whatever you have adopted, once you get back home from your Safari.

• Your expertise: I am sure you are an expert in something.
Offer to give your services for free or for a very subsidized cost to
the local community. They might never be able to get such assistance,
at such a fair price.

•Encourage workmates to volunteer:
Encourage friends and family to also volunteer their money,
expertise and time, to a local community that you meet when on your Safari to Kenya.

• Donate: You can donate, money, clothes, books t
o schools, medications to the local dispensaries/clinics,
or anything that your heart fancies, to the local community, and
they will be eternally grateful.

• Sponsor a Youth Sports Team: Many young people in
Kenya belong to a youth group.
Sponsor a youth group in whatever activity they are
interested in, but might not afford. For example, you can
buy a youth group some sports uniforms, shoes, socks, balls, etc.

• Fundraising: There may be a need for money, so
you can help organize a fundraising activity to raise funds for a local community. This is something that Kenyans do often to help each other through difficult times. It is one of the best ways of Giving Back To The Community

• Coordinated drives: You can also choose to be the coordinator of a
volunteer or fundraising event for a local community that
you have discovered in Kenya. So you become the
coordinator/driver of the effort.

• Community events: Help bring the community together, to educate them,
to teach them on a certain subject, or even to call
them together to team up as a community and do something such as: make
beads, make bricks, or run a community farm.

• Volunteer: There are many places you can volunteer, fo
r example at children homes, with wildlife conservancies, or even at hospitals
in Kenya when here for your Safari.

• Recognize Those Who Serve: There are those who have dedicated their lives to
serve others. Recognize them, appreciate them.
They will not be expecting it, but definitely they will be happy to be appreciated by you.

Other ways of Giving Back To The Community

• Disaster Relief: Disasters strike all the times.
Too much rain, mud slides, fires, clashes between community groups, drought,
and so on. In such cases, people need
assistance and immediate relief. You can be there to provide emotional,
financial, material (blankets, foods, water),
or even counseling help if you have the expertise.

• Step out, go and ask: If you have the time,
or money, or both, and you have no idea how you can be of help,
just ask around and I am sure you will find a way
of helping local community members during or after your Safari.

• Join existing programs: Join hands, share, and help those
who are already working on some community programs.