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Education System

Kenya uses what is called an 8-4-4 system of education, which was introduced in 1985 during President Arap Moi’s tenure. It comprised


Kenya Time Zone and office hours

Kenya lies on the equator so prepare for an amazing tropical weather experience! The time zone in Kenya is GMT/UTC +3.00 and this creates a


Speed limits

If you are travelling with an established and professional tour company, you will not have to worry about over-speeding. In Kenya, Public


Roads in Kenya

The road network in Kenya continues to be improved, with government spending a lot of resources for their expansion. However, you will find


Cattle in the parks and reserves

Well, if you are a regular Safari goer, you might have noticed that some seasons are dry while others are not. In the dry season,


Matatus: Kenya popular mode of transport

I feel that matatus (14-seater vans for public transport) are worth a mention, because they affect our daily life in Kenya. Many of us depend


Boda Boda –Motor bike riders

You can’t miss them, the motor-bike rider taxis. The origin of the boda boda is actually ‘border-border’, which was a name they were given


Beers, Tea and clubbing

At the end of a long day, I love to sit with a cold Tusker beer, especially while in the parks and reserves. You are going to love the



For a first-time Safari-goer, you will feel like you want to take the whole country, fit it into your luggage, and carry it home with you.


Slums in Kenya

Kenya unfortunately has the biggest urban slum in Africa. The history of its slums dates back to the Colonial Era, especially during the



Kenya uses 220-240v power. The sockets are type G, 3-pins, and UK type. An adapter will be needed if your equipment does not normally work


Internet and phones

Every body now wants and enjoys Internet connectivity every day. As someone said ‘it is the disease with no vaccination’, in an IT-savvy


Learn basic kiswahili Solutations

Feel appreciated, be happy, be humorous, and learn a few Swahili phrases. You will be glad you did. The locals will appreciate your efforts


Local Media

Will you have time for and need to catch up with local media? I highly doubt it. But if you will, radio stations are very many in Kenya


Celebrated holidays in Kenya

There are many holidays that are celebrated in Kenya including Christian and Muslim ones. Celebrating here does not necessarily mean merry-making.


Weather, Season and temperatures

True…weather patterns have changed so much that it has become difficult to predict what the weather or temperature will be like over the


Sports in Kenya

Almost everyone will tell you Kenya is famous for some things: long distance athletics, beaches and wildlife safaris. It is over 50 years


Agriculture in Kenya

Kenyans depends majorly on agriculture for their livelihood. Almost all of the fruits and vegetables you will see in roadside kiosks