Fruits And Vegetables


Fruits And Vegetables in Kenya

Being on the equator enables Kenyans to enjoy lovely weather, that is also very good for growing a variety of fruits and also vegetables.

You will therefore see a variety of colorful and tasty,
fresh vegetables in all the markets you will visit during your Safari.

This is a great chance for you to tingle-your-taste-buds by
tasting the different Fruits in Kenya

However, make sure they are clean. In fact, you can clean them
yourself with water mixed with a little vinegar.

Ensure to dilute the vinegar and only eat what is thoroughly cleaned.

The different seasons in Kenya provide for different fruits and vegetables. That is why all year round there are fruits available in the market at different months. This is simple the influence of varied seasons, enabling different species to blossom at different times. You will have a great time enjoying vegetables and fruits in Kenya