Electricity in Kenya
Electricity in Kenya

Kenya uses 220-240v power. The sockets are type G, 3-pins, and UK type.
An adapter will be needed if your equipment does not
normally work according to these specifications. Carry your multi-plug
adapter if you have many electrical items to use, and that you will need to charge.

Look for electrical sockets you can
use where you are residing, but remember to pick them up after charging
your equipment. I have often forgotten my chargers
in the places I have visited.

Electricity in Kenya check..

Check your appliance’s power specifications; most use 220-240v but confirm what your
electrical equipment uses so that you do not destroy it, or even start a fire in your room.
Usually, electrical equipment will have a sticker that shows what voltage is safe for it,
but you can also ask the hotel staff for directions if you are not sure.
Safari camps and lodges use generators if they are not connected to electrical mains.

This sometimes means that the electrical power is limited and insufficient to fully charge
camera batteries. You might charge your electrical equipment
and the green light indicates that it is fully charged, but when you use it during the day….whooops…it runs out of energy
rather quickly.

Do not be surprised when this happens, and do not
continually buy new batteries and discard the older ones.
The problem may be the electricity outlet, and there may not be
anything wrong with your electrical equipment or batteries.