Culture In Kenya

Culture In Kenya
Culture In Kenya

Kenya is one big cultural village. All the 42 tribes of Kenya have their own traditional beliefs.
While time and education has eroded some cultural practices, some communities still
cling to their traditional old age beliefs.
Culture is particular to people groups in different regions, and it is reflected in what people eat,
how they live their daily lives, how
they dress and so on.

However, Western influences have impacted on how Kenyans dress regardless of their cultures.
One rarely sees people wearing their traditional regalia, although the Maasai proudly wear their traditional multi-coloured sheets,
and have embraced change very slowly.

In addition, intermarriages has increased between tribes and this has led to many challenges
such as determining what vernacular will be spoken in the home, what culture
will such a couple follow in the home? These are all examples of the changing dynamics
in the Kenyan society.
In fact, Sheng is slowly replacing the mother-tongue amongst the youth in Kenya,
and cultural family values continue to change.

Influences on Culture In Kenya

Tourism is not just about the wildlife, the food, and the beautiful scenery.
It includes understanding the make-up of the people you interact with during your safari.
Your tour drivers, the waiters who will serve you at the restaurants and the merchants
who will sell you amazing African curios in the markets will often have
a sweet story to tell about their lives and cultures.

You don’t need to be a historian to enjoy a good story.
There is so much to learn about the different cultures in Kenya and this guide alone cannot
provide all that information. This will be left to your ability to engage
and make friends with the locals, who will be happy to sit and share enjoyable
and informative stories of Kenya’s cultural canvas.
You will not regret taking the time to listen.