Climbing Mount Kenya: 5 Days Sirimon down Chogoria Route

Climbing Mount Kenya
Climbing Mount Kenya

Climbing Mount Kenya is a lot of fun but requires some prior mild preparation.

Kenya takes pride in having the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kenya. It is the second highest after Mount Kilimanjaro, with the Batian, Nelion and point Lenana being the highest. There are other high peaks, but have not been named like the rest of the highest peaks. 

The Mountain is both a National monument and a national park managed by Kenya wildlife service.

Climbing Mount Kenya, the famous routes for trekking are Sirimoni, Chogoria and Naru Moru.  All the three routes are fun, but require some high fitness level.

Many trekkers use Sirimoni route as it requires moderate capabilities of fitness. The climb is through some cultivation at the foot of the mountain, slowly progressing through the alpine heath. Then up the glaciers as you get closer to the peaks.

Sirimoni down Chogoria route is highly recommended. The route is famous for its magnificent beauty to the top of the mountain. It is also the drier part of the mountain. This route shows you remarkable and most scenic sides of the mountain. You get to see different types of vegetation because of the difference in moisture and rain amounts.

Here is a highly recommended 5 day trekking itinerary. This package encompasses proper acclimatization for your safe and fun trekking.

Climbing Mount Kenya itinerary

Day 1: Nairobi- Old Moses

Leave Nairobi early in the morning, drive to Nanyuki then, Sirimon Park Gate where you will begin your hike to Old Moses Hut for your first overnight on Mt. Kenya, lunch enroute. The hike takes about 3 hours, by passing tropical rainforest and bamboo vegetation sections. The altitude here is 3,300m.Dinner and overnight at the camp

Day 2: Old Moses- Shiptons

After breakfast, hike to shipton’s which is 4,200m above sea level. You stop for a picnic lunch half way through the hike. Dinner and overnight at the camp. Walking time is 5 to 7 hours depending on your individual fitness level.

Day 3: Shiptons

Acclimatisation at shipton, as you prepare for the summit. Meals and overnight at the shipton camp.  

Day 4: Shiptons-Point Lenana- Chogoria

Wake up at 2.00am and attempt for point Lenana. This early start is intended to give you enough time to reach Pt Lenana 4,985m above sea level when the sun is rising and in clear weather gives you a clear view of the majestic scenery the trekking time is approximately 4-5 hrs. After photography and viewing, descend to mintos for breakfast. Then, descend leisurely to chogoria, mount meru bandas for your overnight.

Day 5: Chogoria – Nairobi

After breakfast, trek to meet the vehicle then, drive back to Nairobi. Climbing Mount Kenya trip ends.

Climbing Mount Kenya can be done as a stand-alone trek or as part of a bigger safari trip. For example, you can do the trek up the mountain, then when you finish your continue with rest of the safari.

A safari vehicle and your safari guide will be waiting for at the base of the mountain where your climb will end. You will then proceed to your hotel, preferably and very comfortable hotel where you will spend the rest of the day relaxing. After the climb, a good relaxing place is what you need before continuing with your safari.

Your safari can then take any direction and form. You can continue to Samburu National reserve or to Ol Pejeta’s Sweetwater camp or even return to Nairobi. Whichever option you will have chosen, the guides will be there to take you.

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