Celebrated Holidays In Kenya

Celebrated Holidays In Kenya
Celebrated Holidays In Kenya

There are many holidays that are celebrated in Kenya including Christian and Muslim ones.
Celebrating here does not necessarily mean merry-making.

For example,
while the Muslims will not be actually celebrating Christian holidays,
they will take the day off from work or
the office if it is considered a public holiday, and vice versa.

In addition to the religious holidays, there are national holidays that include:

Jamhuri (independence to republic) Day
Labour Day
Madaraka (attaining self-rule from British Colonialists)
and Mashujaa (Heroes) Day

Kenya has its share of public holidays and most people stay home
and do whatever they choose to enjoy the day.
Mainly the Christian holidays are more pronounced,
because there will be lots of different activities in the churches,
and Kenya is officially considered a Christian nation.