Boda Boda Motor Bike Riders

Boda Boda Motor Bike Riders
Boda Boda Motor Bike Riders

You can’t miss them, the motor-bike rider taxis.
The origin of the boda boda is actually ‘border-border’,
which was a name they were given because they often transported
people across the borders or at border towns like Busia Town.

So, the motor-bike riders would call out border, border, border, to people who wanted
to go to the border crossing point.

This was especially useful for those who had businesses along the Kenyan border.
Over time, the number of Boda Boda have increased all over the country as
people find this a convenient way of travelling,
that is cheaper than buses or matatus, and that can
enable them access to smaller spaces than cars.

Evolution of Boda Boda Motor Bike Riders

Most bicycles formerly used for transport have been replaced by Boda Boda.
In some instances they have even replaced local taxis especially
because areas that are inaccessible to motor vehicles, maybe because
there is no tarmac road, or because the roads are
muddy and impassable, can be accessed easily by a Boda Boda.

These Boda Boda means of transport have created an employment option for many
youth who would otherwise be unemployed, and it has made many of them self-reliant financially.

Unfortunately, reckless driving of these Boda Boda has also lead to many
accidents and even deaths of passengers and the drivers.

So, be careful when you choose to use a Boda Boda and always use a helmet and reflector,
which the drivers are expected by law to carry.

This way, you can avoid being hurt. Otherwise, choose a safe mode of travel if you can.