Clubbing: Beers and coffee joints

Clubbing: Beers and coffee joints
Clubbing: Beers and coffee joints

At the end of a long day, I love to sit with a cold Tusker beer, especially while in
the parks and reserves. You are going to love the Kenyan beer called Tusker.
No, I am not a shareholder at the Kenya Breweries Ltd.
But if you are a fan of a cold beer after a hot, dusty, and tiring day,
this brand of beer is your best bet.

Although now there are many beer brands in Kenya, including the ones from Keroche Industries, so pick the international brands and
stick to those. Stay away from brands you are not sure of.

If we move on to tea…Kenyans are tea lovers and we
produce globally renowned tea flavors and brands Coffee is deemed for export use, although coffee houses are becoming increasingly popular.

If you are not in a touristic place, whenever you ask for tea in any local place, it’s almost a guarantee that you will get tea with milk already mixed
together during the brewing process.

Beers and coffee joints are many in Kenya

Often, tea is locally brewed with milk, water, sugar and tea leaves so
that the final brew is a hot, light-brown, sweetened drink.
If you want black tea, you will need
to explain this to the waiter so that they do not bring you the already
mixed brew of tea popularly known as chai.

Kenyan cities and other urban centers have numerous places for clubbing,
and Kenyans, especially the younger folk, love clubbing.
It is better if you are not alone when clubbing during your Safari especially as you will not know the different locations very well as a visitor.

There are several clubbing options in Nairobi, but always make safety your first priority. Ask around for options. Often the larger shopping malls in the city will have a clubbing joint or two. This would be one of your best and among safest bet.