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A Penny Saved is a Penny Gained on Your Safari


Determine before you travel how much you really want to
spend while you are on safari in Kenya. Keep an eye out for special offers
before you come. Book in advance and take advantage of bargain rates.

Avoid the last minute rush as this ends up costing you more.
Carry out research on different tour companies and packages, and get a second opinion.

Seek reviews online and read testimonials and ratings from other safari goers who have
used these tour companies.

Check if the tour companies are members of
The Kenya Association of Tour Operators (KATO).
Check that the companies have physical addresses
that you can go to if and when the need arises.

Find out if your travel funds are insured,
and ask what the refund policy is per Travel Company.

Paying by credit card is safe, and also provides evidence in case
disputes arise between you and the Travel Company, and always
keep in mind the surcharge.

If a deal sounds too good…check again.

Ensure you get value for your money by double-checking
safari offers you find.
Your heart and experience is your best guide to
ensuring you get the best safari deal ever!