Awesome 3 Days safari in Amboseli

safari in Amboseli
Elephants on the move

Day 1:Nairobi- safari in Amboseli

Safari to Amboseli is a visit to one of the most scenic national parks of Kenya. The best view of Mount Kilimanjaro is from Amboseli, even though the mountain is in Tanzania.

Your safari to Amboseli will start soon after your breakfast. You will drive for about four and a half hours to Amboseli. You will be on time for lunch. After lunch, you will check in to your rooms for a moments rest. Your safari guide will be waiting for you at 15.00hrs for the afternoon game drive.

The waters from melted Snow drains down the Mountain under lava flows and surface on the Amboseli plains, creating a green belt of Swampland amidst Dusty plains. Here elephants, buffalo, lion, cheetah, wildebeest, Hyena, Jackal, warthogs, zebra and the Maasai giraffe are likely to be seen. You will return to the camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Full day safari in Amboseli.

This park is such a diverse habitat. It is a very interesting ‘class of nature’, where there is so much to see and so much to learn. You have two options of doing game drives. You can leave with picnic lunches and enjoy the view of the national park below you at the view point while having lunch. Alternatively, break the day and return to camp for lunch. This will be followed by an afternoon game drive till 18.00hrs. You will agree with the guide on what your preference will be. Dinner at your hotel.

Day 3: Amboseli- Nairobi

After breakfast, depart for a morning game drive as you complete your listing here in Amboseli. Drive back to camp for an early lunch. You will leave after lunch and drive back to Nairobi arriving in the evening. Your safari in Amboseli ends.

Safari in Amboseli National park is such a special adventure. The ecological system comprises of five different habitats.

The savannas.

Amboseli has open grasslands that are almost equivalent to the open grasslands of Masai Mara. It is here that the open grassland wildlife for example the smaller antelopes prefer. This helps them to see or smell when danger is nearby. In addition, they prefer to feed on the short green grass.

Acacia woodland.

Home of the giraffes. They prefer the relatively tall acacia trees mainly because that is where their food is. But they can feed on shorter bushes by parting their front legs. In addition to giraffes, other wildlife take to the acacia trees for some shade.

Rock thorn bush country.

The areas around the view point are rocky bush country. It is a home to a myriad of species. The cliffy rock outcrops are a home to the rock hyraxes among bird species that prefer such habitats.

The swamps

This is where it gets interesting. Although there are animals that prefer the swamps including the hippos, bush bucks and waterbucks, loft of birdlife can be seen here. Elephants can also been seen here feeding from deep inside the swamps. But in addition to that, the water sources are a drinking points for all wildlife.

Marsh land

Similar to the swamps, both of these habitats are both a source of feeding, a source of drinking for many wildlife species of Amboseli. Furthermore, when wildlife come to water, the animals of prey could be in wait for such opportunity.

It will be incomplete if we leave out conservation efforts in Amboseli. There has been a people-based conservatin program between the communities that live around Amboseli National park and the park management. This has worked quite well in safeguarding Amboseli National park. This has enable a healthy co-existence that make sure that a safari in Amboseli continues to be magical.