3 days Masai Mara safari package

Kenya's Masai Mara safari
Sun downer, Masai Mara safari package

This Masai Mara safari package takes you to the most famous reserve in Kenya. It borders Tanzania’s Serengeti National reserve. Both of the reserves are not fenced. The wildlife migrates between the two countries unhindered. The two reserves are served by Mara River as the main source of water, but there are other sources of water.

These include some tributaries that drain into Mara River. Swamps are also available, that never dry. They too serve as a source of water and constant green grass for the Kenya wildlife. It is that the world famous migration takes place. This two days safari can be part of a bigger trip that has other destinations. For example, lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru or any other destination that time allows you.

Day 1: Nairobi- Masai Mara safari

Leave Nairobi in the morning and continue towards the rift valley. Drive down the rift valley and enjoy the beautiful views of the great valley with its ever green shrubs and trees. You can have a brief stop in one of the view points to take some shots and proceed. Continue on the floor of the rift valley to Masai Mara, arriving on time for lunch. Later, leave for your  game drive and spend the afternoon exploring the rolling hills and plains of Masai mara. Dinner and overnight at Fisi camp or equivalent.

Day 2: Masai Mara safari, full day

Full day exploring the magnificent Masai Mara National reserve with all morning game drive and afternoon game drive. Optionally, leave the camp with picnic lunches and spend more time out with wildlife. Masai Mara has so much to offer to learn. It is one of the best places in the world to see the big cats. In addition, the concentration of wildlife and the balance of nature in this reserve is one set to amaze you. Meals and overnight at Fisi camp.

Day 3: Masai Mara-Nairobi

Time allowing, you can first enjoy an early morning game drive and come back to camp for breakfast. After breakfast, check out and start your drive back to Nairobi. You will have lunch enroute. Arrival in Nairobi will be late in the afternoon. Your Masai Mara safari package ends.

Masa mara is one of the most famous safari parks of Kenya. It is probably the park with the highest concentration of wildlife in Africa. The gazelles and other smaller antelopes can be seen roaming freely undisturbed. The buffaloes lift their head and sniff the air as the vehicles pass by. Sensing no danger, the go about their business of feeding.

The term Masai mara means the spotted land of the Masai. The Masai community have coexisted here with the wildlife for centuries. They live on the outskirts of the reserve. Noticeably, they no longer drive their huge herds into the reserve. There is no more competition for grazing lands with the wildlife.

At night, lions can be heard roaring from a distance. Same case, if you are keen, most of the nights you can hear the hyenas ‘laughing’ after they have managed to get some bite.

It is the home of the famous Kenya wildebeest migration. The beests flock in from Serengeti and pour into the plains of the Masai mara. The preying animals have such an easy time making kills while the crocodiles lay in wait in the murky waters. Eventually the wildebeests do cross the river, and crocodiles take their share of the wildebeest cake. The cameras are busy click click recording memories that will be treasured forever.