One Night Safari in Amboseli

Mt Kilimanjaro, safari in Amboseli
Elephant and Kili in the background, safari in Amboseli park

A safari in Amboseli is a lot of fun. While an overnight is great, 2 nights is much more rewarding. Amboseli can be done as a stand-alone trip or as a part of bigger multi-day trip. Contact our tour desk to customizing your holiday.

Here is your brief itinerary for the safari in Amboseli

Day 1: Nairobi- Safari in Amboseli

Your safari in Amboseli will start early. You will depart Nairobi in the morning and drive along Mombasa road arriving there early in the afternoon. Check in at the camp for your lunch, and in the afternoon depart for game drive as you explore the park.

The waters from melted Snow drains down the Mountain under lava flows and surface on the Amboseli plains, creating a green belt of Swampland amidst Dusty plains. Here elephants, buffalo, lion, cheetah, wildebeest, Hyena, Jackal, warthogs, zebra and the Maasai giraffe are likely to be seen. You will return to the camp for dinner and overnight.

Day 2: Amboseli- Nairobi

After breakfast, depart for a morning game drive as you complete your listing here in Amboseli. Drive back to camp for an early lunch. You will leave after lunch and drive back to Nairobi arriving in the evening. End of your safari in Amboseli.

Amboseli National park was established in 1974 by the first and founding president of the republic of Kenya. It was established by a presidential degree. This marked a milestone in conservation efforts by the government. Over the years, the park has seen great change, some very positive ones while others have had a negative impact.

Interestingly, although Mount Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, the best views are from Kenyan side. And this is in Amboseli. On a clear day, the highest peaks can be seen from Amboseli, from the comfort of your hotel, or when during game drives.

A safari in Amboseli is such great fun. It is a home to various habitats.. The national park hosts 5 different habitats. These are: The swamps, Marsh grounds, Savannah, Rock outcrops and acacia forest. All these habitats are a home to a myriad of species. Although Amboseli national park is famous for the big herds of elephants, lots of other species are found here too. From the small antelopes to the giant of them, the elands. Buffaloes roam the park lazily, while the big cats play hide and seek to your eyes. You have to work a little harder to spot them. Cheetah and leopards always play hard to get, but they are there being helped by their magnificent camouflage.

Hippos can be seen enjoying the sun by the marshes, while spotted hyenas can be seen early in the morning heading back to their dens. This is after along night out in search for food.

Picnic at the view point is very rewarding, as you can see the whole park below you. The view point is at a high elevation enabling you to the park around you. Take time to read some of the information at the view point and see some of the history of the park. Amboseli is Masai word which means the place of salty dust. The place lives to its name as you can see dust clouds and at times you can be engulfed in it, especially in the afternoon hours.

Birders who take a safari in Amboseli feel very rewarded as the park is a home to hundreds of bird species. The different habitats offer varied home ranges to different bird species. Over 600 bird species have been recorded.

Around the park there lives the Masai community. The conservation efforts by the Kenya Wildlife service and involves the local community is admirable. It is definitely worth a visit to the villages to see their way of life and to appreciate their efforts that have contributed to much to the safe guarding of this precious park.

Accommodation in Amboseli: you can take accommodation inside the park or outside. Whichever you prefer, Amboseli has nice accommodations both inside and outside the park. Some hotels inside the park have very nice view points where you can be able to watch wildlife while you sip your coffee.